Business Finance Solutions

Business Finance Soluitons

  • Sourcing new debt
  • Business refinancing
  • Business acquisition financing
  • Working capital options
  • Construction loans
  • Commercial real-estate loans

What is the Best Finance Solution for Your Business?


There are many exciting reasons why a business would need a new finance solution. Some of the most common reasons include starting up a new business, launching a new product, expanding to a new territory, landing a large order, purchasing another business, purchasing equipment and purchasing real estate.  A good plan to find the best finance solution for your business will save you time and frustration.

Arriving at a successful outcome to your business finance effort requires telling the story behind your business’s past performance, defining your current financial needs, and matching your business to the finance criteria of the right lender.  Every element of your business finance effort is similar to the pieces of a puzzle. To find the best solution for your business, all the pieces of the finance puzzle must fit together.

The historical performance of your business indicates the businesses ability to repay loans and service debt. Consistent performance over time instills confidence in the business model and the management team. It is always better to explain any issues that have affected the business performance in the past, such as reduction in revenue or increase in expenses, rather than ignoring them and hoping no one asks.

Your business finance needs will change as your business grows. There will be periods of high growth where your business will need very different forms of financing than it would need during periods of slow or flat growth.  When operating your business during unexpected periods of economic or industry decline you may need to refinance your business to meet new cash flow requirements.  There are many options  available to businesses from many lenders. Every lender has an area of focus and offers solutions  that are not   for every business.

Having the right lender to approach for when you need financing is an important, if not the most important, piece of the financing puzzle.  Financing a business without the right lender is time-consuming and frustrating exercise that too many businesses go through. The specific lender you approach for financing will influence the amount of preparation required to receive financing, the cost of borrowing, the repayment options and ultimately if there is any chance of success.

Arete Capital simplifies the business financing process for customers by using our discovery process to give them as many options as possible.

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